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Service should be in the veins of a company. Not just words or vague terms. Only if a company’s management is prepared to be part of this service chain service can be considered as a company’s core. At Techsperts Service is key. We believe that our customers are our ambassadors. And we want to keep them. We like to build live lasting relationships. So we do offer service. Not as a must. Not as a money maker. Just because we love to help where we can. Whenever we can. Try us.

We have installed and serviced our equipment al over Europe. Belgium and Germany are quite obvious. But what about Slovakia, Hungary and Greece. Or France and Spain.
And in many of these countries we are faster at the requested site than local party’s.

We know about mechanics. Bearings and drives, sure. But what about plc’s, sensors or weighing equipment. We know processes. Understand layouts.

Pumps, conveyors, silo’s and bins. Tanks and valves. Mills and mixers. Over 25 years. Try us.

Service should be in the veins of a company. Not just words or vague terms.

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Techsperts has wide experience with controll systems. PLC’s, embedded systems, computer controls.

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The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Slowakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece. Partners in Africa and Asia.

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We truly do love engineering. Really.

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Why? Because we at Techsperts believe in sustainability.

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Our network and experiences over the past 30 years gives Techsperts a headstart in combining new and used equipment.

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